Sunday, February 8, 2015

Let the Battle Begin....

Hey Friends!

So I have been sort of feeling "Blah" since last Tuesday. I ended up having to leave my day job on Thursday with a 101 temperature. I headed on over to the Dr.'s office and tested positive for Type A flu! Ugh! She wrote me out for 7 days, but said I can go back sooner if I can go 24 hours without a fever.

This past (almost) week has really kicked my butt. Head and face hurting, joints and muscles hurting, chills, coughing, stuffy and runny nose, face masks and hand sanitizers... I don't recommend getting the flu. (like you would really have a choice anyway!)

Enough of my rants and complaints... That's what Facebook is for, right? Ha! Anyway, I just wanted to check in with everyone. Hope you guys had a great week, or at least a better one than I have had!

See you in the kitchen!!


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